General terms and conditions of the company Plan-C JSC

§1 Application vis-à-vis customers and entrepreneurs
These terms and conditions shall apply for all contracts between the company Plan-C JSC and the customer. A customer can be a private person or a company. Only one account per person/company is allowed.

§2 Contract conclusion
The contract is concluded through the order of one or more packages on the website Hereby the customer concludes a contract with the company
Plan-C JSC
Aleksidze Street 12
GE-0171 Tbilisi

§3 Prices, payment, maturity
Prices are converted to Bitcoin at the exchange rate valid on that day. The invoice for the packages shall be due immediately after receipt. If between order and payment a significant difference of the Bitcoin exchange rate arose the company reserves the right to decline contract acceptance and to refund the money.


§4 Delivery
After full payment the shares are available not later than within 5 working days. From this point in time the customer will receive shares of the revenues.


§5 Usage of the invested amount
At least 70 % of the invested sum will be invested in mining, trading, ICOs and altcoins. The remaining part will be used for marketing, administration and sales expenditures.

§6 Returns
Income is paid out monthly on the wallet in Bitcoin filed by the customer. 10% of the earnings are reinvested in new hardware and a further 10% is used for operating costs. On the Internet page the customer sees the net yield of the past months and years

§7 Note on risk, disclaimer
Profit is not guaranteed. Losses can arise. Through wide diversification of the contribution (see §5) the risk of loss is minimized. Despite utmost care a total loss cannot be excluded.


§8 End of contract
Contracts run for an indefinite period. Through the 10 % reinvestment hardware shall always be up-to-date. Nevertheless, by change of the market conditions, it is theoretically possible that profits do not cover the operating costs any more. In this case registered customers are entitled to receive the purchased mining hardware at own expense. All remaining assets are utilized by the company. The customer receives a final payment.

§9 Premature end of contract
Premature end of contract is not possible as the investment amount is invested. However, every contract can be sold to another person or company and be transferred for a fee. Upon request the company assists the customer in finding a buyer.

§10 Applicable law
Place of jurisdiction is Tbilisi.

As at date: July 2017


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Plan-C JSC

Aleksidze Street 12
GE-0171 Tbilisi